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Father's Fly Shop

Founded 2014

Father's Fly Shop (FFS) was founded in 2014. FFS is all about a love of both fly fishing and fly tying. Tying fills the spaces between times standing in the water with a fly rod. Like all fly tyers, I believe that one day I'll hit on the killer pattern and fish the river out. But I haven't yet. 
I also enjoy the challenge. There's something about getting the proportions on a dry fly just right, and getting to that place where you "understand" a pattern. Filling a fly box with patterns to match size, color, and shape of all the major insects, and then discovering another fly that needs to be added. It's an addiction that can last a lifetime.
I've been fly fishing for about 40 years now. I've caught my share of trout on a fly rod. I've also taken bluegill, crappie, bass, and even catfish with a fly rod. My kids always say (as I'm pulling in the third or fourth fish to their one), "Dad always catches something!" 

What's Unique at FFS?

FFS is here to help you fish and tie. If you can't find something on the site, contact us. We'll do our best to locate it for you.
In a way, fly fishing is like photography. A $3000 rod won't make a beginner into a pro. The trick is to learn to be your best with the equipment you have. At the end of the day, the fish sees the fly and the way you present it. We'll help you focus on getting the most enjoyment out of every cast that you can, no matter what you want to invest.

Our Promise

We carry only merchandise that we would personally use or give to our children! We source our products because they work on the water. We don't carry a huge variety, we carry what works. Our inventory is built of the most common products our customers want, but if you need something we don't carry, we'll order it for you quickly at a price you won't find at the retailers. We pass the savings from low inventory and overhead on to you! If you order something you don't like, return it! Take a look at our no-quibble returns policy
If you need something you don't see, drop me a line.
Tight lines!
Bob "Dad" Palmer 
Father's Fly Shop
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