Easy-empty Magnetic Garbage Bag for Your Fly Tying Vise

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A super vise-attached garbage bag with a magnetic attachment that makes it easy to remove and empty.

Magnetic Garbage Collector for Fly Tying Vises

An easy-empty, vise-attached garbage bag that won't break the bank! If you don't have a garbage bag or trash collector for your fly tying vise, here's a great value that's a neat solution. The garbag comes with a metal vise attachment that slips over most standard vise stems and tightens. It holds an a circular wire frame with a lined garbage collector. But--and here's the neat part--the stem of the attachment is magnetic. When you're ready to empty the bag, just detach it from the vise magnetically. When you're done emptying the bag, snap it back. 

When you're tying and snip off the extra hackle stem, trim thread, or drop a hook accidentally, this bag collects it. Don't worry about grabbing feathers and sticking them in your trash cup. When you're ready to empty the bag, just take the bag to the trash can to dump it. 

Simple, low-cost, and functional. 

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