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#1 Metz Hen Neck

#1 Metz Hen Neck

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#1 Metz Hen Neck or Cape

Hen neck pelt feathers are softer and more "webby" than Rooster or Cock feathers. Similar to saddles, Hen necks feather tips are often used for wings on such flies as the Adams Dry. Because hen feathers are softer and absorb water, they are also used for nymph collars on flies like the Prince Nymph. Finally, larger feather barbs can be used for legs on such flies as the Copper John.

Hen necks have a wide range of feathers, often tying sizes as small as 22 or 24. Because they are from the back of the hen (running up the neck and down the back, where one might wear a "cape"), feathers on a neck or cape (these terms are used interchangeably) may range from 6 down to 24 or smaller. Most of the quality feathers will be from the center of the cape.

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