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Semperfli Dirty Bug Yarn

Semperfli Dirty Bug Yarn

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Dirty Bug Yarn Black

Specially designed with a mix of natural and synthetic materials Dirty Bug Yarn was designed resulting from research of different dubbings when it was realised that many traditional dubbings were often ‘single color’ dubbings. In reality if you look at a fly or nymph for example a baetis nymph it may be olive in colour but it is usually a mix of colors - nature is not monochromatic or single color. From this blends of colors to make a better fly body whether it be a dry or nymph was developed. From that work Dirty Bug Yarn was born. Essential dubbing colors and blends suitable for specific families of flies such as caddis have also been created to give tyers the very best options.

For people who are used to doing their own dubbing blends, working with Dirty Bug Yarn means you no longer have to worry about inconsistency or forgetting how you mixed your last blend! Tying with Dirty Bug Yarn means you can rely on a consistent blend ongoing. Indeed you can even blend 2 or 3 strands of Dirty Bug Yarn to create even more unique results.

Its worth noting that Dirty Bug Yarn does trap air so can be used on flies where you need a neutral buoyancy. It will take floatant too. And its lovely if you taper it to a point.

Without doubt dubbing is one of the more difficult skills for fly tyers to learn. Because of this Semperfli developed its range of dubbing on a ropeproducts, ready made yarns which can simply be tied and wound onto a hook. Developed twin strands Dirty Bug Yarn can be used straight off the spool for larger flies or split into single strands for smaller flies. There are a range of colors that are stunning for both new fly tyers and skilled fly tyers alike.

There are 5m / 5.4 yards (approx ) per spool of Dirty Bug Yarn Black

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