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Hareline Dubbin

Super AA Vise

Super AA Vise

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Super AA Vise

The classic AA vise, used by many to learn to tie flies. Inexpensive, but fly tiers continue to buy this vise because of its portability, adjustable jaws, and usability. If you're starting out in fly tying or just need an extra vise to carry with you, this is an excellent choice.

This version of the AA vise comes with a lever-locking jaw that's cut at a 40-degree angle, making it easy to grip fly hooks from the small 24 to the big 6/0. The angle of the vise head places the bend of the hook and the hook shank above the vise for easy access to the entire tying area of the fly hook. The vise includes a c-clamp attachment and material spring. 

And of course, it's backed by our 100% no-quibble guarantee.

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