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Tungsten Round Beads - Package of 100-Silver-3.3mm

Tungsten Round Beads - Package of 100-Silver-3.3mm

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FFS Tungsten Round Beads

Tungsten beads are 50% heavier than common brass alloys and 2.2 times the density. They sink much faster than brass, and eliminate the need for additional lead weight on nymphs. Many tyers are converting to tungsten only beads, particularly on small flies.

Our round tungsten beads include countersunk holes to slip around the bend of the hook. We have also priced these competitively with brass beads. You can switch to tungsten for near the same investment as brass.

Bead to Hook Size

Size (mm) Size (in) Hook Size
2.0 mm 5/64 in 18-20
2.8 mm 7/64 in 14-16
3.3 mm 1/8 in 12-14
4.0 mm 11/64 8-12
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